Fashion Accessories

The plain the outfit, the more audacious your accessories can be. Here we have a list of top 10 accessories that you can count on to take your vogue style to a different dimension

1. Chunky Thick Boots

If you like to have a badass look while still staying in style, you should go for the chunky boots, which features a low heel and rubbery platform making it comfortable to wear and a sleek option to get along with your feminine dress or jeans.

2. Bucket Bags

A lady without a handbag is just like a football without his studs. It is a must-have accessory for any woman, and bucket bags are one of those few items which never go out of style. And with fashions brands like Chanel and Louis Vuitton giving you the most luxurious bucket bags shows that they are coming stronger than ever before with superb variety.

3. Statement Large, Herculean Chain Necklaces

Jewelry for women has been a part of their fashion for a long time now, but the large chain necklaces grabbed the market because of their oversized and chunky design, giving a sense of strength to the feminine fashion. Wear it with a blazer, rollneck, or a sweater as there are no rules to wear it.

4. Soft Alluring Clutches

If you are a trendy person, you definitely need a soft clutch to fit in. It is not only easy to carry but gives you a lot of space to put your make up goodies, mobile, pepper spray, etc. without making it look like you are carrying a big bag to a party or a formal event. Blend in with the rules of fashion while being incognito with this bag.

5. Wide Waist Belts

Usually, when you hear the word “belt,” you see it as an accessory to keep your dress fit, but in the world of fashion, Belt is all about being trendy. Wear it with a dress, skirt or pants as there are no rules for it. It will instantly add an attractive look to your clothing and body. It never goes out of style, so make sure you have one.

6. Padded, Beaded Headbands 

Headbands are an excellent way to deal with messy hair while staying trendy at the same time. This accessory look fabulous in the center of your head or pushed back to keep your hairs out of your face. Wear it with an embellishment to make sure to own one.

7. Hoop Earrings

Earrings have been a focal point of female fashion, but hoop earrings take it a step further. They are an excellent way of spicing your simple outfit while retaining your glamorous looks. Wear them with ponytails or a bun to show them off with pride.

8. Coloured Sunglasses Frames

Is it sunny outside? Well, protect yourself in style with coloured sunglasses. They can give a dramatic and jazzy feel to your existing outfit, and with so much variety to choose from, they simply show off the potential of this accessory in the fashion world. 

9. Bucket Hats

Don’t like glasses but still want protection from the sun? Try bucket hats because they are fashionable throughout the season. In short, you can wear them in a variety of shades, and it will add a sense of completeness to your outfit. It is a versatile option.

10. Watches

Never leave wrists naked. If you have nothing to spice up, just add a watch. It’s being told that when you meet with someone, they notice your shoes and your watch and then judge you in the first 3 seconds of your meetup!


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