2020 Denim Trends You Want to Know Before Your Next Online Fall Shopping Spree

We just love wearing denim jeans so much that I don’t let a single day pass without wearing it either in the office or home (Yup! I didn’t replace them with PJs during Quarantine). The fact that you can dress it up or down, and there are so many pleasing ways to carry it, which can make you feel like a tailored queen, especially with the rise of high-waisted and vintage-inspired denim. It is without a doubt that denim jeans are versatile that we can see the trend for denim jeans popping every fall and winters.

1. Can you Rip it!

The rule of fashion dictates that generation Z and generation Y have a vast difference in the sense of fashion, and their trends vary widely from what we are familiar with; hence take their comments with a laugh and wear hole-filled jeans with pride. Wear these jeans with a graphic tee and oversized blazer to show the fashion sense of millenniums.

2. Skinny chronicle

Everyone loves to show off how sexy we look when we stay in style, and the best way to do that is skinny jeans. Right?  Luckily skinny jeans are ubiquitous in today’s time as you at least have two to three pairs in your closet. Wear an oversized sweater or turtleneck depending on the season, along with these cute skinny jeans with sneakers to complete your style.

3. Let it touch your Ankles!

Too lazy to shave your legs and still want to stay in style? Well, ankle jeans are the answer to your problem! Wear this with crop tops to add a contrast in lengths to make a perfect combo. The Tiniest blouse with long jeans in summers and a fuzzy cropped sweater in fall with a pair of high heels makes sure you are in fashion.

4. Baby Boot-Cut

Baby boot cut jeans are back in 2020. Yay! For the horse girls, because this is basically a ‘70s mixed with a little with few early aughts, so grow your hairs and grab a poncho to complete the look. A darkish boot-cut jean complements any top you wear this fall, either floral blouses or cropped cardigans. There is an alternative version to longer styles is cropped boot-cut jeans. You can always show off your fav booties while achieving the classic horse girl look.

5. Split Hem Flares

The true straight leg trend has paved its way following the recent years, being also loose fit, and often turn-ups. More than a few popular denim brands have taken up this fad as their signature item. The open bottom hems/ split hems, although a new concept, has an advantage that it is not designated to only “casual” or “chic” categories. For the grungier phase in your life, pair it with a lazy tee or turtleneck, and for the evening look, a blazer and high-heels can do the magic.


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